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Fatoedo Productions is a dynamic, upstart independent award-winning production company dedicated to implementing change in the film and television industry through the production of films, documentaries, online content and music videos that reflect society and the diversity it has to offer. We make content that will appeal to many, if not all demographics, but our content will widley feature people of colour in prominent roles and situations. In scripted productions, we  are not limited by genre. 

Whether it's comedy, crime thrillers, hard-hitting biographical dramas, science-fiction or fantasy, we want to show the breadth of narratives that can show how diverse the world actually is. In non-scripted content, we want to produce untold stories and narratives that other production companies may shy away from or ignore. As well as actively producing multi-media content, Fatoedo Productions offers services such as filmmaking tutorials and camps designed to democratise access to filmmaking skills, particularly for young and minority individuals. The future is now. The future is Fatoedo. 



Fatoedo Productions is an award-calibre production company, having produced projects that have received acclaim around the globe, from Edinburgh to Rio De Janeiro. Here are a selection of some of the accolades our projects have been recognised with

NJ WebFest 2021 Official Selection Laurel - No BG.png
SeoulWebfest_OfficialSelection_2020 (1).png
Edinburgh TV Festival logo.jpg
Sicily WebFest Official Selection Laurels (The Solution).jpg
Edinburgh TV Festival Pilot Award Nominations.jpg
Rio WebFest Officiasl Selection Laurels (The Solution).jpg

The Solution - 2019 Edinburgh TV Festival Test Card Pilot Award (Nominee).

The Solution- 2020 Screen Nation Digital Media Awards- Best Pilot (Nominee)

The Solution- 2020 Pilot Light TV Festival- Best Piliot (Nominee)

The Solution-2020 Seoul Web Festival- Best Pilot (Nominee)                                      

                                                                   Best Concept (Nominee)

The Solution -2020 Rio Web Festival- Best Juvenile Performance (Nominee)

The Solution- 2020 Sicily Web Festival- Best Pilot (Nominee), 

                                                                    Best Pilot Director (Nominee), 

                                                                    Best Idea (Nominee)

The Solution-2021  New Jersey Web Festival- Best Cinematography (Comedic)

                                                                              Best Editing (Comedic)


Fatoedo Productions have a growing team of filmmakers and directors that specialise in a variety of disciplines. From script and project development to animation, documentary or video promos, our team is able to provide input into all your visual project requirements.

Alex Headshot 2.jpg



Alex is a director, writer and producer who trained at London Metropolitan University, graduating with a MA in Film and Broadcast. Armed with a passion for filmmaking Alex also trained as an actor, performing for stage & screen. He directed and produced numerous short films, documentaries and music videos before deciding in 2017 to co-founded independent production company, FatOedo Productions. Among his credits,  Alex has written, produced and directed the Edinburgh TV Festival nominated Television Pilot The Solution, and has written, produced and directed the upcoming biographical drama The Ballad Of Olive Morris, to be released in 2022.




Jide Johnson is MD and founder of the UK's first Black Owned animation studio, Aniboxx. Launching, after working with The Mill as a 3D animator, Aniboxx has produced popular adverts for Mr Men, O2, Birdseye and Google, just to name a few. Recently Aniboxx have pivoted to the TV space, having worked closely with Sky, BBC Iplayer, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, Jide has been inspired to begin telling his own diverse animated stories about marginalised characters. Besides being a character designer for a CBBC a black animated kids show, Jide recently caught the attention of The Sony Talent League 2022, who he has been developing his first IP adult animated series with. Jide is a welcome addition to the Fatoedo Team as our resident specialist in Animated projects and production, as well as in live action productions that require animation.




Chris is a co-founder of Fatoedo Production & an executive producer on all projects completed by the company to  date. Chris has worked in fields such as the medical profession, but has always had a passion for film and television, which inspired him to help form Fatoedo Productions. Chris operates as company treasurer for Fatoedo Productions and is always looking for opportunities to expand our operations and work with new clients.




James is a Director of Photography based in the UK with 10 years experience in the film industry. James has shot in countries/islands such as Costa Rica, Diego Garcia (Military Base), Lanzarote and Bahrain capturing elevating moments for clients such as the Royal Marines & Great British Navy. James has also worked on many music promos, documentaries, TV dramas, short films & feature films. James has DP’d and 2nd Unit DP’d 3 feature films recently Young Gun, Renegades and Fyre Rises starring talent such as Danny Trejo (Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett, Heat, Breaking Bad), Shayne Ward (Coronation Street, The Ascent), Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man) and Alexis Rodney (Guardians of the Galaxy, Killing Jesus, Kick Ass 2).




Sanaa Byfield is an emerging producer with experience in various levels of production; as a producer, production manager and production assistant. She recently worked on the upcoming short film “No Women No Children”, written & directed by Akpore Uzoh and sponsored by Panavision and Greenkit. She is currently with the independent production company, Park District, where she has also worked on commercials and online branded content, producing events for brands such as Marks & Spencer. Sanaa also develops projects she has written, including her upcoming narrative short film project, "Heads Will Roll".




Julian Alexander was born and raised in Norfolk, VA before moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2007. After a film internship in London in 2009 with LutiMedia, Julian realized this passion of his is a legitimate career. This inspired him to continue creating films and stage productions, producing dozens of films throughout his collegiate career at New Mexico State University before taking a seat in the director's chair for his first short film Buffalo in 2014. Julian completed his MFA studies in 2018 at the Northern Film School in Leeds, UK, culminating with his two short films, Léo and Beat Blue, A police drama all in rhyme. As of 2019, Julian is a professor at New Mexico State University teaching filmmaking at the Creative Media Institute.

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